Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

Covenant University Journals (CUJ) are open access, peer-reviewed multidisciplinary publications that offer platforms for the publishing of well researched articles, reviews, research papers/ commentaries in major disciplines of the academic world.


Section Policies


Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Peer Review Process

All submissions to CU journals are assessed by an Editor, who will decide whether they are suitable for peer review. Submissions felt to be suitable for consideration will be sent for peer review with appropriate independent experts. Editors will make a decision based on the reviewers’ reports and authors are sent these reports along with the editorial decision on their manuscript. Authors should note that even in light of one positive report, concerns raised by another reviewer may fundamentally undermine the study and result in the manuscript being rejected.


Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.



Dr. Ilo Promise


Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Ilo, Promise


Associate Editors

Professor Azeta, Ambrose
Professor Omoregbe, Nicholas
Professor Adetoro, Niran
Dr. Nkiko, Christopher
Dr. Adebayo Emmanuel Layi
Dr. Issa, A. O.
Dr. Tella, Adeyinka
Dr. Obinyan, G. A.
Dr. Yaya, Japheth
Dr. Ojo, Adebowale
Dr. Igwe, K. I. N.
Dr. Akiniyi, Adeleke
Mrs. Iroaganachi, Mercy
Mrs. Asaolu, Aderonke
Mrs. Ilogho, Julie


Editorial Assistant

Mr. Ifijeh, Goodluck
Mrs Iwu-James, Juliana
Miss Esse, Ugwunwa
Mrs. Osinulu, Ifeakachuku
Mr. Fagbohun, Michael


Editorial Advisory Board

S/N      NAME                                         UNIVERSITY

1.         Prof. Nicholas Omoregbe              Covenant University, Nigeria
2.         Prof. Ambrose Azeta                     Covenant University, Nigeria
3.         Prof. Emmanuel M.K. Dawha       University of Maiduguri, Nigeria
4.         Prof. ‘Niran Adetoro                     Taisolarin University of Education, Nigeria
5.         Dr. John Dominic                         Karunya University, India
6.         Prof Zakari Mohammed                Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria
7.         Dr. Jerome Idiegbeyan-Ose           Covenant University, Nigeria
8.         Dr. Christopher Nkiko                    Samuel Adegboyega University, Nigeria
9.         Dr. Sangeeta N. Dhamdhere          Modern College of Arts, Science and Commerce, India
10.       Prof. Felix C. Ekere                       University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria
11.       Prof. Charles Omekwu                   University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria
12.       Dr. Ilo Promise                             Covenant University, Nigeria
13.       Prof. Adomi Esharenana                Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Nigeria
14.       Prof. Opeke Rosaline O.                 Babcock University, Nigeria
15.       Prof. Haliso Y.                               Babcock University, Nigeria
16.       Prof. Balarabe A.A.                        Usman Danfodiyo University, Nigeria
17.       Prof. Okwilagwe                            University of Ibadan, Nigeria
18.       Prof. Nwosu Obiora                        Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nigeria
19.       Mrs. Iroaganachi Mercy                  Covenant University, Nigeria


Ethics and Misconducts

Ethics and Malpractice Statement

The Editors of Covenant University Journals (CUJ) strictly ensure that all research must have been carried out within an appropriate ethical framework. If there is suspicion that the work has not taken place within an appropriate ethical framework, Editors will follow the misconduct policy and may reject the manuscript, and/or contact the author(s), institution or ethics committee. On rare occasions, if the Editor has serious concerns about the ethics of a study, the manuscript may be rejected on ethical grounds.

Confidentiality: Editors will treat all manuscripts submitted to all CU Journals in confidence. Reviewers are also required to treat manuscripts confidentially. CUJ will not share manuscripts with third parties outside of CUJ, except in cases of suspected misconduct. Manuscripts may be shared with other Editors of CUJ, unless authors indicate on submission that they do not wish their manuscript to be passed on beyond the journal they submitted to.

Consent: For all research involving human subjects, informed consent to participate in the study should be obtained from participants (or their parent or guardian in the case of children under 18) and a statement to this effect should appear in the manuscript.

Misconduct: CUJ takes seriously all allegations of potential misconduct. As members of COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics), all CU Journals will follow COPE guidelines outlining how to deal with cases of suspected misconduct. In cases of suspected research or publication misconduct, it may be necessary for Editors to contact and share manuscripts with third parties, for example, author(s)’ institution(s) and ethics Committee(s). CUJ may also seek advice from COPE and discuss anonymized cases in the COPE forum.

Research Misconduct: All research must be carried out within an appropriate ethical framework. If there is suspicion that research has not taken place within an appropriate ethical framework, Editors may reject a manuscript and may inform third parties, for example, author(s)’ institution(s) and ethics Committee(s). In cases of proven research misconduct involving published articles, such articles may be retracted.

Publication misconduct: As members of COPE, all CU journals will follow COPE guidelines outlining how to deal with cases of potential publication misconduct.

Plagiarism: CUJ is a member of Crosscheck’s plagiarism detection initiative and uses plagiarism detection software. If plagiarism is identified, COPE guidelines on plagiarism will be followed.